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April 1st, 2020

RT @katiehempenius: 🔖New blog post:

Fix an overloaded server

(aka “My server is on fire what should I do?”) http…

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RT @sulco: #CSS tip for today:

`currentColor` is a powerful keyword that allows you to reduce a lot of boilerplate in your styles.

It rep…

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I just opened an important #A11Y issue in the HTML Standard repo: We need new default link colors for 🌒 Dark Mode…

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…neither pass WCAG AAA, nor WCAG AA.

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RT @stefanjudis: Little morning devsheet ☕ — `Intl.NumberFormat`.

🔗 MDN:


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@UjLaw @wisdelft @tudelft Wow, congratulations, 💨‍🏫!

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RT @DavidKPiano: 🖌️ I made a cheatsheet for event-driven finite state machines with @excalidraw! This describes the basic important concept…

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RT @mozhacks: In the coming weeks, Mozilla is rolling out a web monetization experiment using @Coil!

If you’ve developed a 3D experience,…

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Everything About `auto` in CSS. Impressive article by ⁦@shadeed9⁩.

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