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April 21st, 2020

RT @mathias: The @ChromeDevTools color picker now supports pasting color values into any of its inputs! 🔥

For example, you can now copy a…

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RT @andreban: My sample implementation of WebUSB + ADB has been now been published on GitHub: See it in action at…

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@_jayphelps @samthor Yes, can reproduce this. You’re stuck on a white page.

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@samthor Nice trick, but yeah, probably should only try this at home… 😆
(Love the Chrome theme, I still use it myself after all the years.)

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@espadrine @mathias @LeaVerou @ChromeDevTools We plan on evaluating the feature with a browser extension, and then decide on our next steps. The extension will add a right-click menu, so the flow will be the same.

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@AndreJaenisch @LeaVerou I have a Chrome extension ready-ish that will be released properly on the Chrome Web Store in the not too distant future (some things need to get sorted first). Meanwhile, you can test it in developer mode:

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🔢 @webkit, did you see this?

“This is V[.] from We implemented `<link rel=prefetch/>` to prefetch scripts in our customer journey and saw some pretty good TTI improvement across pages.”

This is a gre

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