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April 4th, 2020

othermaciej @slightlylate Constructible and subclassable EventTarget is already in Safari Technology Preview as of STP 102, so you can expect it in a future release.…

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LeaVerou I wrote a new blog post!
LCH colors in CSS: What, why, and how?…
Describes what LCH colors are, why they’re exciting, and releases an LCH color picker tool I made to visualize!

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Thanks, @mhartington, for writing…, or as I keep calling it: the missing manual for “Full Third-Party Cookie Blocking and More” (…). 🗓 7 days and counting…

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justinfagnani <chess-board> element is nearing completion!

The latest change is to use SVG pieces & remove import.meta.url usage because Webpack.

If you like chess and the web, this is the easiest way to embed a board: it works with any framework. Please test it out!…

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Differences between browsers in cache expiration heuristics (…) and Twitter not using the appropriate `Cache-Control` header, but apparently _not_ a @firefox 🦊 “bug” is the reason for the Twitter DM & Twitter archive storing……

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