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April 2nd, 2020

MSEdgeDev Scrolling is one of the most common user interactions in a browser, and it’s central to how we experience the web. Learn how we’re improving the scrolling in Microsoft Edge to feel more natural, and bringing back some of your most-requested behaviors:…

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One option for a dark mode toggle that @SaraSoueidan asks for in the quoted tweet ⤵️ is `<dark-mode-toggle>`:… 🌒.…

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argyleink a Chromium engineer today filed a prototype intent for styling underlines!
- text-decoration-thickness
- text-underline-offset
- + friends

More about the intent here 👇…

Study up on styling text underlines from @css here 👇…

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@robertnyman @foolip Haha, love it. My favorite autocomplete (in Concur, though), is for spending location when I can type “germ” 🦠, which completes to “Germany”.

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@Mustafa_x Sorry for your loss, Mustafa. 😔

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addyosmani “I was just about to click that! Why did it move?” 😭

The new Cumulative Layout Shift metrics measures unexpected shifts in layout: Shifts are commonly caused by…

🌆 Images without dimensions
🎟 Ads/iframes with dynamic dimensions
🔠 Web Font swaps

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bascule TIL: Go has 5 undocumented keywords:

- notwithstanding
- thetruthofthematter
- despiteallobjections
- whereas
- insofaras…

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Nice writeup by @philnash on the Contact Picker API (…), a recent Project Fugu 🐡 alumnus: ⤵️…

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The Web OTP API for one-time token verification has received 3 LGTMs (…), which means it’s ready to ship in Chrome 83. Formerly known as SMS Receiver API, but the scope was widened to other—safer—transports than…

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