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April 8th, 2020

ChromiumDev 🧐 What is the Privacy Sandbox?…

(The Privacy Sandbox is a series of proposals to satisfy third-party use cases without third-party cookies or other tracking mechanisms. The proposals need your feedback!)

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@JakeDChampion @ChromiumDev In this case we have an Explainer (…), but no specification draft yet.

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@dfabu @kennethrohde @petele @slightlylate Paging @andreban, our authoritative source when it comes to TWA. πŸ‘

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ChromiumDev πŸ“’ Exciting Project Fugu 🐑 API announcement:

Notification Triggers allows you to schedule local notifications that don’t require a network connection, which makes them ideal for use cases like πŸ—“ calendar apps.

Read all about the API in @tomayac’s post:…

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