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April 6th, 2020

@ChromiumDev Correct link:…. The last ‘d’ got missing in action.

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jaffathecake @DenisTRUFFAUT @DasSurma @tomayac @addyosmani A module can import itself

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@dalmaer I checked the extensions, they all seem to share the same background script, just the content script varies. Have you considered uniting them all into one extension that then displays the individual metrics in a popup page? I’m low on screen real

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@simevidas Don’t know. I find old traces in… (via…). Not sure about the current circumstances, though.

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@simevidas And for “negative” Twitter (or Google) searches, just quote the search term:

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@simevidas I think it never existed. This is the ones I’m aware of:

max-width: -webkit-fill-available; // 👈
max-width: -moz-available;
max-width: stretch;

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marvinhagemeist New blog post is up 🚀

@manucorporat challenged me to a little code golf challenger for the new Store container of Stencil💫…

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@smfr And preferably AirPods Pro that cancel everything out. They’re the best thinking cap of modern time.

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