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April 18th, 2020

RT @feross: [Proposal] Full Network Access in Progressive Web Apps

Please chime in if you have use cases this wou…

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FilipStanis Interesting take on usability:

Can you tell how many windows there are in this screenshot?

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@gavindoughtie @excalidraw Check out the blog: It was all started by @Vjeux and others. (I have only contributed a tiny piece.)

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@LostInBrittany @fsznajderman You can use the API as progressive enhancement, see this pattern in browser-nativefs: Native API where possible, fallback everywhere else.

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RT @sergicontre: Adobe Spectrum design system based on web components, ES-Modules, and modern browser standards using LitElement and open-w…

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@LostInBrittany @polymer @OpenWc Have you seen that the Barcode Detection API has _finally_ launched in Chrome 83: It’s available on devices with Google Play Services installed (but not on uncertified devices).

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