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April 26th, 2020

RT @cyrildiagne: âš¡New open source AI+AR demo âš¡

Doodle face masks right from the browser with #TensorflowJS and #FaceMesh

Demo: https://t.…

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@crafty @Mustafa_x @Google Congratulations! 🎉

Side note: I still think it’s hilarious that these don’t come framed (for the uninitiated: you get instructions how to expense a frame). Mine’s still in the container under my desk.

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@lamplightdev @ChromiumDev Thanks for sharing! Reminders are a great use case for this API indeed. Please share any feedback on the developer experience you may have: Thanks!

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RT @AllThingsSmitty: 🔥 TIL a #CSS trick to handle that annoying mobile viewport bug with `100vh` in WebKit (iOS Safari)! #WebDev #ProTip ht…

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@justinfagnani @slightlylate My mid-2000 brain immediately thinks XMLHttpRequest actually requesting XML or, dare I say, RDF/XML ( that gets transformed with XSLT ( Not endorsing any of these now, but remin

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