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April 22nd, 2020

RT @sulco: #HTML tip for today is: #useThePlatform❤️

Did you know you can use the `<datalist>` element to provide suggestions for inputs?…

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Limiting `<input type=”color”> to a certain palette (from an image): 🎨 #TIL that the color picker works with a `<datalist>`. Thanks, @codepo8!

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RT @jdan: 🎨✨ 98.css is a design system for building faithful recreations of Windows 98 UIs

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@kennethrohde It is a way better name, albeit the API shape and usage does resemble rAF, it is not the same.

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RT @WhatWebCanDo: 🖼️ Shape Detection API — using the Web platform to identify text, barcodes or faces in the image, no external libraries n…

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@jaffathecake That’s the happiest story on the Internet today. 😻
What happened to the trap, though?

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🔢 New Web API: `Video.requestVideoFrameCallback()`—Be notified when a video frame has been presented for composition.

ðŸ” (Try it on Chrome Canary 84)

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@Dieulot @webkit True indeed. Hopefully statements like Walmart’s can help toggle the toggle. 😃

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