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April 7th, 2020

Really informative HTTP203 episode on cross-origin fetches now and then with @DasSurma and @jaffathecake ⤵️. Recommended background reading:… by @mikewest.…

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@jonalvarezz Woohoo, happy it works. 🎉
Next challenge: add a toggle:….

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ChromiumDev Chrome 81 is rolling out now! Shooting from his apartment, @petele has all the details on app icon badging, hit testing for augmented reality, Web NFC’s origin trial, an update on the adjusted Chrome release schedule and more.…

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j9t The Web Development Glossary is now: available 🚀

* 1,945 terms and abbreviations
* 2,002 explanations and definitions
* 245 pages
* for beginners and experts
* going beyond “just” web dev

Please check it out, and share with our peers:…

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@jonalvarezz There are media types (…) and media features (…). You’re dealing with a media feature. Each media feature expression must be surrounded by parentheses (…).

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@catalinred @davidbaron True, but then they still need the JavaScript handler for the fallback… :-)

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@davidbaron It works (…), but I guess they need to target some older browsers that don’t yet support SVG favicons.

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@crswll Looks like it’s indeed not working. Looking at its compatibility info in the App Store, they seem to support down to iOS 10, probably that’s the reason. Apps compiled against iOS 13 support it for sure (

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