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April 23rd, 2020

@CharlieCroom @AaronGustafson Oh, it’s indeed not happening in 84. I am on 83 regularly. Must have been us then, sorry… :-D Thanks for the reply still.

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@CharlieCroom There’s probably a better way to report bugs than mentioning you (but I don’t know it), so here it goes: on the DM route (, the “Message requests” span doesn’t get the horizontal space it deserves.

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@Paul_Kinlan We have enough time to make it a truly amazing remote experience, at least this year. Even for the unlikely event that there will be a vaccine, probably not every potential attendee will have had a chance to get it.

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RT @dalmaer: Do you charge your Macbook on the left or right side? Turns out right is better!

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@DanShappir The second example. The `else` just adds an unnecessary level of indentation. The `if` should be the exit conditions.

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@mrdoob @luruke That’s how I read it.

processingDuration, of type double

The elapsed duration in seconds from submission of the encoded packet with the same presentation timestamp (PTS) as this frame (e.g. same as the mediaTime) to the decoder until t

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