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April 30th, 2020

“So we picked up the cheapest phone they had […]. A $20 device running Android 9, with no contract commitment has been one of the most useful and effective tools in our effort to be accessible.”—@CAdotGov.

Great performance success story during t

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addyosmani Automate WebPerf tests with Puppeteer: - a collection of JavaScript snippets I use.

- Get a performance trace with screenshots
- Measure user interactions
- Simulate a slow network and CPU
- Generate a Lighthouse report
- Block third-party domains & more

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RT @patrickbrosset: One of the last features I helped build on @FirefoxDevTools is making its way to all Firefox versions:

🔥A new Compatib…

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@vitimus1 @ChromiumDev Fingerprinting is likely to come up in a later stage of the process once there’s spec work and a TAG review happening. Watch the repo for more.

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ChromiumDev @tomayac If you don’t feel like setting command line flags (which in general you shouldn’t, unless you know what you’re doing), here’s a recorded screencast:

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RT @ChromiumDev: @tomayac Try the demo on Chrome Canary ≥v84.0.4130.0, with the 🚩 `—enable-blink-features=WebCodecs` command line flag set.

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RT @ChromiumDev: The Web platform doesn’t grant low-level access to 🔧 built-in media codecs such as image, audio, and video encoders/decode…

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New exciting Project Fugu 🐡 API in experimentation: the Idle Detection API. I’ll have an article up on soon. Meanwhile you can check out the Explainer already. ⤵️

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