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April 9th, 2020

ChromiumDev @tomayac You can test this on by pasting `document.head.innerHTML += ‘<meta name=”color-scheme” content=”dark”>’;` into the @ChromeDevTools console. 🌒
(The too low link color contrast is a known issue:….)…

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ChromiumDev Improved 🌒 Dark Mode default styling with the `color-scheme` CSS property and the corresponding meta tag: They allow developers to opt in their pages to the theme-specific defaults of the user agent stylesheet. 👉 Read more in @tomayac’s article:

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We finally have full clarity on @webkit’s “7-Day Cap on All Script-Writeable Storage” announcement: the Service Worker Cache is affected, too:…. I’ve confirmed this with @jonathandavis. (Hat tip to… ag

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🗣 Heads up for Native File System API users: `handle.createWriter()` is now `handle.createWritable()` and returns a `FileSystemWritableFileStream` (…).

✅ I’ve taken care of this change in 💾 browser-nativefs v0.5.0:…

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@TheCelavi @rowan_m @googlechrome @ChromeDevTools @ChromiumDev Does your page by any chance contain `<meta http-equiv=”Content-Security-Policy” content=”upgrade-insecure-requests”>`, or is your dev server sending a `Content-Security-Policy: upgrade-insecu

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@SamyDindane …ce que tu viens de faire :-) Bonne chance!

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@SamyDindane Salut! Je ne sais pas, mais en tout cas souscris-toi sur…, où je demande l’API.

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@marcenglund @vaadin @arduino @ChromiumDev Brilliant, thanks for the feedback and the bug report! And for playing with the API in an early stage of course!

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@marcenglund @vaadin @arduino @ChromiumDev This is super cool! I could reproduce the crash with the installed PWA. Did you file a for this?

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marcenglund Check out this experiment at @vaadin Labs;
Plotser is similar to the @arduino Serial Plotter, but a – nothing to

What uses do you see for the Serial API?

Shoutout t@ChromiumDevev 🐡 web capabilities

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mathias 🎉 AVIF support is coming to browsers soon! 🎉

➡️ Firefox:…
➡️ Chrome:…

AVIF is a new image format based on the AV1 video codec:

➡️ smaller file size (~50% JPEG size)
➡️ HDR support

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FilipStanis If your go-to activity is gaming, here’s some good news: free @GoogleStadia for the next two months 🎮🎉…

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rowan_m As a sneaky way of feeling more productive, I thought I’d document some of my old Glitch experiments. Et voila, here’s the first one. Learn how to use the Zine Machine template for a zine to read 🌐 online or 🖨️ print ✂️ cut 🙏 fold for your own 📖…

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n2vi Through sometimes painful experience, Googlers have learned a lot about building safe and reliable systems at scale. Save yourself some pain and study

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webkit Get an in-depth overview of how to use the new Web Animations API, available in Safari 13.1, to create and control animations with JavaScript.…

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@nic_o_martin @jeffposnick My related article (…) was up for a while on, but I forgot to tweet about it—until yesterday. Sorry if this coincided with your (awesome 👏) article going up on CSS Tricks. I was

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Falsisign: simulation of the “first print, then sign, finally scan again” flow that some bureaucracies require. This is brilliant:…. 🖊…

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andreasbovens Firefox 75 is out & it has a slew of new features, including:
🥱Image lazy loading
🗜️CSS min(), max() & clamp()
⏯Web Animations additions
📏Easier area measuring
🆗Instant evaluation for console expressions
🔍DOM querying with XPath
🎛️Better network panel…

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ChromiumDev 🚿 WebSocketStream—Integrating streams with the WebSocket API:

Prevent your app from getting drowned in WebSocket messages or flooding a WebSocket server with messages by applying backpressure:…R

Another great Project Fugu 🐡 API, explained by@tomayacc.

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Progressive Web Apps and Project Fugu 🐡 are a title story in the latest @entwickler magazine:…. With a great article by @christianliebel, and I had the honor of being interviewed. (🇩🇪 content)…

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19603 brings File Explorer Integration in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL):…. Tux right there in the File Explorer. Wow. 🤩

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From the engineering blog: How we build the site and use Web Components:…. One example component is for sparklines:…. 📈

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@canofsleep @ChromiumDev Chrome 82 will be skipped (…), so probably it’ll be included in Chrome 83.

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