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April 13th, 2020

@Vjeux @philip_harmse @excalidraw What browser do you use? On Chrome/Edge, we can use the Native File System API through browser-nativefs (…). Once you create a file (by opening an existing or creating a new file) the changes are sav

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EdgeDevTools Remote debugging, UI and navigation improvements, and more!

Check out what’s new for DevTools in Microsoft Edge 83:…

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@excalidraw I work for the @googlechrome DevRel team, but in the end my job is Web DevRel, not Chrome DevRel. 😊 At least that’s how I see it. And PWAs are a core piece of Web technology. Made for all.

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`s/Chrome/Web/` (just added it to the home screen of my iPhone), but apart from that I fully approve of the quoted tweet… 😃 Having Excalidraw as a Progressive Web App unlocks so many great features, I’ll soon get cracking on some Pull Requests. ⤵…

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@robertnyman Congratulations, Robert and Karin! 🥂

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@cwilso “Get stoned”. Oh, *the other* kind of stoned. I had to read this twice. 😂

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