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April 17th, 2020

RT @othermaciej: Traditionally, use of the `delete` operator has made JavaScript slow. Now in WebKit, it’s super fast. Learn about all the…

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RT @passle_: 🎉 I blogged!

💉 Lessons Learned Building a COVID-19 PWA

I recently contributed to a COVID-19 related app, and here are some o…

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@nhoizey @bdc In a production app, you’d probably only load the full-resolution images in the lightbox view. Lazy-loading is quite aggressive, test it with a (simulated) JioPhone 2 (kicks in at the selected image). The bigger problem are the missing

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@sergeybedritsky @ChromiumDev @nuxt_js Respectfully, no. This is not the same. See the screenshots. All it took was adding `<meta name=”color-scheme” content=”dark light”>`.

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🔢 Chrome 83 is out! From a Project Fugu 🐡 side, v83 comes with a new origin trial for the Native File System API, and finally the Barcode Detection API: It also brings CSS `contain-intrinsic-size` support and the `color-sche

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@firt The only reason may be legacy devices that are stuck on old iOS versions. Like iPhone 5 or something (which my parents still use).

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@nhoizey @bdc It has `loading=”lazy” (, so once your gallery grows big, it kicks in.

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@TatianaTMac Yes we do. I should have started with “I, too, think…”.

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@firt Hehe, talking of Web App Manifests: Also worthwhile checking out the `<head>` section of the page. I can’t find a way to use the app in Safari (even deleting the native Music app doesn’t help). Works OK on desktop Chrome.

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@firt If the manifest can’t be loaded, you are in trouble anyway. iOS has less of a version fragmentation problem than other OSs *cough*, so (apart from really old devices) there’s an OK high chance the behavior is consistent. Your post raises good points

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Creating responsive CSS motion paths: Pretty neat!

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@TatianaTMac I think it makes sense to initially respect `prefers-color-scheme`, but to also allow people to opt-out:

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RT @agektmr: I love that lets me write frontend + node server code on the browser, but TIL glitch plugin allows me…

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@firt The manifest values take precedence. Honestly the only issue we ran into is the status bar translucent color; I’ve opened for this.

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bdc Little weekend project: a simple touch-friendly JS gallery!



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ChromeDevTools In the latest Canary, you can emulate locale in addition to geolocation. Both have been combined into the Location option, which can be found in the Sensors Pane.

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RT @excalidraw: Instead of using internalization libraries, we rolled our own and thanks to @crowdin the whole process of translating Excal…

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If you’re in the business of building Web apps—maybe even Progressive Web Apps—for iOS, give PWACompat a try (quoted tweet ⤵️). We now use it in @excalidraw, and it’s great! 💏

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@samthor Judging from the docs, a lot of developers fell into this trap: There’s even a good example vs. bad example section. But why have angle brackets? I *think* the reason for `<…>` are extension relation types that can co

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