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April 16th, 2020

ChromeDevTools In the latest Canary, you can emulate locale in addition to geolocation. Both have been combined into the Location option, which can be found in the Sensors Pane.

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excalidraw Instead of using internalization libraries, we rolled our own and thanks to @crowdin the whole process of translating Excalidraw has been very low maintenance.

Read more on how we did it.…

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If you’re in the business of building Web apps—maybe even Progressive Web Apps—for iOS, give PWACompat a try (quoted tweet ⤵️). We now use it i@excalidrawaw, and it’s great!…S0

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@samthor Judging from the docs, a lot of developers fell into this trap:…. There’s even a good example vs. bad example section. But why have angle brackets? I *think* the reason for `<…>` are extension relation types that can…

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