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April 15th, 2020

@CharlieCroom @MSEdgeDev No. Microsoft are pioneering this for the time being.

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Vysor is brilliant software for demoing Android devices on a big screen. But the best feature is that now it’s fully built on Web technologies, to a big part proudly powered by Project Fugu 🐡.…

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The @MSEdgeDev folks are on fire 🔥 recently: an Intent to Prototype for app icon shortcuts menus (for Windows). ⤵️…

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ChromeDevTools In addition to metrics like FCP or LCP, the Performance Panel in the latest Canary also highlights long-running tasks that prevent the page from being responsive, and potentially annoying layout shifts.

Check out and for details!

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mrdoob Now that we’re all staying home, I thought it would be a good idea to rescue multiuser sketchpad so we can all draw together ✏️✏️✏️

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ChromeUXReport 🆕 The 202003 (March 2020) release is live on BigQuery!

In this release:

- 6.7% drop in # of distinct origins since Feb
- CLS histogram changes
- easy access to 75th percentile stats

Subscribe to chrome-ux-report-announce for updates 👇🏽…

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@simevidas @ChromiumDev “If you look at…, it’s because we use ‘light’ as the preferred color scheme. We can only end up w/ a used dark scheme when the preferred color scheme is ‘dark’, or ‘no-preference’ with ‘dark’ appearing before

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@simevidas @ChromiumDev Yes, the other files count, too. I just wanted to link somewhere concrete.

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JRRaphael I’m really, really curious to see how this all plays out. It sure seems like it could be significant — for Chrome OS, of course, but maybe also for Android (eventually).…3

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@nhoizey @simevidas @github All that being said, what’s the proper way for nice looking (and accessible) figure markup on GitHub? I tried using CSS, but most of it is being ignored.

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@slightlylate @koush @samccone @Paul_Kinlan @vysorapp @b1tr0t Oh, the good old `` API. It looks like the popup condition (…) could be a single point of failure: “The condition is implementation-depepdent an

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