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July 3rd, 2020

@xeenon Cool, thanks for the info. Firefox is submitted, looking forward to submitting to Apple.

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The Link to Text Fragment extension has gained a new trick: you can now use a keyboard shortcut ⌨️ (Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+L by default):….
🤫 It also works on @firefox and Safari 14 @webkit (install locally from…

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igrigorik Cookie recipes, SameSite and beyond:

Great tips and hands-on tour of DevTools & net-log debugging to get your cookies in order, courtesy of @rowan_m.

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intenttoship Blink: Intent to Prototype: Sanitizer API…

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Platform Adjacency Theory, by @slightlylate:…. A great long-read on the relevancy and competitiveness of meta platforms; the Web happens to be one of them. Get yourself a beverage and dive in… ☕️

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ChromeDevTools Now you can right click on a node in Elements panel and capture the node screenshot! 📸

Like it? Freshly landed on Chrome Canary. Update and give it a try! 🔥

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jaffathecake 🎥 New talk! Let’s make images smaller…

➡️ How lossy & lossless codecs actually work.
➡️ Each codecs pros/cons.
➡️ Advanced encoder settings to get the most out of image compression.


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