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July 6th, 2020

@slightlylate @LeonieWatson @IRCCloud @b1tr0t @AaronGustafson If the core issue here is taking an app out of the alt+tab order, then closing and waiting for a push notification might have a prohibitive startup cost, given it’s an IRC client with suppose

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@codepo8 @j9t Nowadays it may even be optimistic to assume people use `document.createElement()`. A lot of developers might instinctively reach out for JSX…

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@poke @codepo8 For me (also on mobile), the regular page opens. The issue there is that code blocks show, but don’t scroll horizontally.

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@CurrencyWiki @firefox @webkit Hi. The link you have provided does not seem to contain a text fragment. Try this example instead: (Note that on shortlinks the feature currently doesn’t work yet. Try appendin

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RT @stefanjudis: The web as a platform keeps evolving. @tomayac put together a massive list of things to make your PWA feel like an app. De…

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@drawio @ChromiumDev Happy the API is useful, it’s a great platform addition and tailored to projects like @drawio 💍.
Have you seen our helper library 💾 bowser-nativefs: You can see it in action on

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RT @OscarLzn: Cool little CSS trick: you can add `prefers-color-scheme` into SVG files — useful for favicons!

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