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July 30th, 2020

@rowan_m @danbri I wish my present life was more of a journey and less of a destination, though. 😂

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@danbri @rowan_m My holy grail moment was when the mouse wheel worked after I compiled my own kernel. After 10+ attempts, some of which included reinstalling everything from scratch. 🐧

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@AmeliasBrain @kevinmarks Standing on the shoulders of giants, albeit a lot of the work predates my involvement, so I don’t have the full vision. Regarding standardization, we asked the @w3ctag, @mozilla, and @webkit; all linked here:

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@AmeliasBrain Tiny correction:

A Fragmention is this: by @kevinmarks.

The Chrome thing is this:

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RT @davrous: Did you notice that? A Surface Duo profile arrived in Edge DevTools. Get ready for dual screen CSS layout! 

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RT @stshank: Twitter shows how and why progressive web apps — PWAs — can work. A tap on a web address can grow gradually to a pretty rich i…

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@denladeside 🤫 There’s also a Web MIDI browser:

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There’re more, this one is even free:

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Just learned that there’s a `WKWebKit` based browser on the App Store that apparently implements a part of Web Bluetooth: 😳

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RT @rowan_m: If you’re a company that depends on the web platform and a healthy, diverse browser ecosystem then you should invest in it the…

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RT @christianliebel: The storefront-related members of the Web App Manifest (categories, description, iarc_rating_id, and screenshots) move…

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RT @ATEOnAir: It’s time to announce the new session of #AskTheExpert with my guest @tomayac who will talk about #ProjectFugu and how as dev…

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@TheRealNooshu +1 to adding IDs. But then also at least on Chrome and Edge, text fragment URLs are a thing already:

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@arya_minus Thanks! :-) But passing this on to the folks mentioned in the Acknowledgments:

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@othermaciej @pizlonator I was thinking about stories like this: (via @mathias and @bmeurer)

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@adamdbradley @passle_ @stenciljs @chriscoyier That’s why I wrote “subtle” in the original tweet. :-) I don’t think it’s a thing most people should be too concerned with, especially compared to this other very popular alternative framework that

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@xeenon No mention of the new entitlements, though. This can be an important factor for developers.

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RT @xeenon: Should I use WKWebView or SFSafariViewController for web views in my app? It depends……

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@othermaciej @pizlonator This is incredibly in-depth, wow 💏 (and I don’t claim I have understood everything). Maybe a nice idea for a follow-up post would be take-aways for developers. Things to avoid, things to do, worst case examples, etc.

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RT @webkit: The “Speculation in JavaScriptCore” blog post/textbook gives you more than you ever wanted to know about how JavaScriptCore exe…

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dalmaer Perspective matters:

“WebUSB? That’s adding something scary to the Web!”


“WebUSB! Now we have a safe way to integrate with USB without having to install drivers via privileged exe!”

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@simevidas @dantack It’s about optimizing ad space. The more and the shorter your paragraphs, the more ad slots you can fill in between them.

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RT @argyleink: Here’s gap + flexbox handling international document flows and directions! 💯 Something quite tedious to do by hand with marg…

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