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July 19th, 2020

@ladyleet @denladeside Hope you recover soon! Thanks for sharing and calling us all to action.

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@othermaciej @bradeeoh @mb2100 …so why not ask folks to add use cases to _existing_ bugs to begin with, and aggressively closing dupes as part of the process?
I was _always_ happy about the _initial_ quick reaction on my bugs (added CC:s, created Radars

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@bradeeoh @mb2100 “Voting” by filing a duplicate bug sounds weird from an outside point of view since it seemingly makes managing the entirety of all bugs harder, but is what we have heard from Maciej as well.

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@paulmwatson Browser vendors simply never implemented “no-preference”.

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@cshjb007 @jho_crypto It’s not yet officially published, but the article available at the staging link should answer the questions.

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@mb2100 @bradeeoh For the record, this is the most recent situation where I personally encountered this:

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@EivindArvesen @othermaciej We have added more details on the `X-Client-Data` header in the privacy white paper:

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@bradeeoh This was eye-opening for me, too. I’ve since eagerly filed feature request bugs for the things we would love the team to consider implementing:

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@bradeeoh “Scare away” as in conveying that it’s not worth to file bugs since apparently there’s no motion on one’s bug, when actually there is, just on a non-deduplicated bug from someone else.

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