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July 10th, 2020

@michaelhoffman @klmr @firefox You can locally always flip the Chrome flag to disable the feature (in the URL bar type “chrome://flags”, hit the Enter key, and then search for “fragment”).

As a site owner, you can opt-out your site via a

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@klmr @michaelhoffman Yes, this is unfortunate. Text fragments _can_ work with regular element fragments (…), so you don’t end up with a useless link. Google Search doesn’t use both yet, but hopefully will. The Link to Text…

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EdgeDevTools We have a lot of service worker improvements coming up. First up: service worker request timelines in the Network pane. You’ll get a better breakdown in the Timing tab. Check out our bug here:…
What else can we do to make development easier?

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addyosmani is a nice audio editor for the web in just 65KB of vanilla JavaScript. Built by @pkalogiros 🎶

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@cemper Also sometimes just reloading the tab and trying again helps. Occasionally the background page becomes unresponsive. At first sight judging from the screenshot I don’t see why this wouldn’t succeed.

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@cemper I’m on vacation at the moment. Could I ask you to file a quick issue on…? Thanks! I’ll have a look when I’m back. 🌴

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