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July 22nd, 2020

MartinSchierle I wanted to automatically analyze many URLs from a given domain for and which elements where a problem for LCP and CLS. Here’s the script to do so, maybe it’s helpful for somebody else:…

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@rem @jaffathecake Hey, sure thing. If it’s easier or sensitive, you can also just email (tomac@) or DM me.

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xeenon Safari 14 beta for macOS Catalina and Mojave can be downloaded here. Having Safari 14 beta installed allows you to use the web extension conversion tool in the Xcode 12 beta.

`xcrun safari-web-extension-converter /path/to/my/extension`…

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Wow, the 🔗 Link to Text Fragment extension (…) has made it on @FastCompany’s list of “The 25 Best New Productivity Apps for 2020”:… 🎉…

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@CyrusShepard @RichTatum This is something we’re looking at in the context of Display Locking (a not great umbrella name), check out this issue specifically:….

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@othermaciej @bradeeoh @Litherum @chicoxyzzy @webkit Seems like we have both a fix, and a public bug now:…. Thanks, everyone! ♥️

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