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July 25th, 2020

I’ve also just PR’ed the new browser-nativefs 💾 version into @excalidraw (see, so all dare-devils 🤘💀 using Excalidraw on Chrome Canary can continue to profit from the Native File System API.

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🗣 Heads up: Chrome 86 will introduce BREAKING changes to the Native File System API: #NativeFS.

🛀 Users of the browser-nativefs 💾 library can relax: I’ve taken care of it for you in v0.10.0: Just

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@MightyBoosh_ @ChromiumDev FWIW, we offer a library, browser-nativefs, that maybe makes your life easier today already:

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@MightyBoosh_ @ChromiumDev Not currently. The feature request is tracked in, though.

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@jaffathecake Coincidentally suggested it to @dluzar just the other day…

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@addyosmani @sulco @Ev1l_Ash In a way `<frameset>` was SPA before SPA.

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addyosmani Native <iframe> lazy-loading is coming to the web! <iframe loading=lazy> defers loading offscreen iframes until a user scrolls near them.

Now in the HTML standard & supported in Chrome.

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@scottjehl @rob_dodson @briankardell @justinfagnani On the other hand `part` not allowing for descendant selectors encourages not nesting one’s element too deeply. If DOM depth becomes a problem, maybe there’s potential for splitting up the element ev

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In case you ever wondered why the response of a `fetch()` call is a stream:

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@rmondello Congratulations on the work anniversary! 🎂

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@MikeEsto 💏 Nice article. By the way, we have landed native Screen Wake Lock support in NoSleep.js, so users of this library will automatically use the API if their browser supports it.

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