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July 15th, 2020

@stefanjudis I would just make each metric a boolean attribute. I’d love to also have the Paint Timing API metrics included, since WebKit supports it now:

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@stefanjudis Yes, please. I use custom-rolled code on my blog’blog.tomayac.comC5 footer. Would love to replace it.

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💏 @estark37 debunks the “people will always click ‘yes’ when asked” myth—especially interesting in the context of Project Fugu 🐡 is the part on permission prompts: Hopefully we can expose more data on prompts in th

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RT @stroughtonsmith: Highlights:

• Mandatory 30 days notice before app can be removed from the App Store by Apple
• Apple needs to disclos…

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@stoyanstefanov All the best with doing what you truly love! 🎼

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RT @ChromiumDev: Chrome 84 is rolling out now! It adds support for app icon shortcuts, improves compatibility with the Web Animations API,…

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Wow, vibrating once the opening credits have been seeked over is such a cool idea. I’ll add this to (after my vacation 🌴). The Vibration API put to great use.

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