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July 8th, 2020

Agreeing with @vrandezo, the article on the history of the #SemanticWeb is a little too pessimistic; a lot has been achieved: To some extent it’s been too successful even, since some Semantic Web use cases are no longer processa

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Terminology, Power, and Inclusive Language in Internet-Drafts and RFCs: 💏

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@derSchepp While omitting might be valid, oftentimes both might still be necessary. This is how I understand the difference:

<img src=”cat.png” alt=”Sleeping cat on a chair”>
<figcaption>Well-deserved nap</figcaption>

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@nhoizey The tools simply treat our own scripts neutrally like any other script. A script that one doesn’t cache for long enough is bad for one’s site’s performance.

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RT @slightlylate: Sometimes folks demand specific language in web standards about how browsers should present certain information, e.g. sec…

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