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July 21st, 2020

@bradeeoh @Litherum @chicoxyzzy @webkit @othermaciej Makes sense, thanks. The advantage of a WebKit bug is that progress is visible to the public (if taken steps are documented), even if the underlying issue requires fixing of an unrelated piece of…

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@BraveSampson @Ethan_Heilman @dstadulis @brave Oh, interesting. I was aware of the flag obviously, but not that both the flag and a command line argument are required.…. Might be worth documenting somewhere!? (CC: @pes10k)…

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@Ethan_Heilman @dstadulis Read more about the feature here: The @brave folks have some privacy concerns (see the article), but you should bring it to their attention that there’s demand for the feature, so maybe they can optiona

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@aSemy Happy this worked for you. I will take a note to add disabling information to the article

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v8js 🔥 What’s new in V8 v8.5? Promise.any, String#replaceAll, logical assignment operators, WebAssembly multi-value and BigInt support, and performance improvements!…

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Neat CSS animation tip in the quoted tweet ⤵️. Don’t forget to throw in a `prefers-reduced-motion` media query if you’re going bananas 🍌 with your animations, so only those who don’t mind it get it.…

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@reillyeon I read into that that you’re busy with “my” bug. Thanks 🙏! Don’t let negative rectangles eat you!

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soMelanieSaid If you’ve ever had to re-write an entire control because the native HTML element couldn’t do *quite* what you needed, this “Enabling Custom Control UI” proposal is for you:…

Have feedback? Please do file an issue; we’re eager to know your thoughts!

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@Litherum @chicoxyzzy We’ve been discussing @webkit bugs (and challenges with them) with @bradeeoh and @othermaciej on a Twitter thread recently. Any reason you didn’t (also) file a WebKit bug where people could track progress? This very issue barely

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Vincent_Scheib devs: Try out getDevices() & watchAdvertisements() - we’re seeking feedback before shipping. Improve the reconnect flow for users. Access AD packet manufacturer data etc.!…

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ow Google has a new feature for Chrome where you can make instant QR codes for any webpage and i’m *here* for the dinocodes

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