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July 14th, 2020

@gauntface Just wait until your extension gets seemingly out of the blue rejected. It’s not fun, especially during coronavirus with reduced virtual operating hours.

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@kristoferbaxter The one time where it’s great we mostly run our distributed version control software called git on a centralized service calle@githubub. They could probably come up with a smart way of changing the default branch on all repos and making

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@gsnedders @yoavweiss @fractorious Personally I also think permission bundles ( can help fight permission fatigue. None of this is easy, and getting it “right” requires iterating. I see huge potential for UAs to come up with in

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@gsnedders @yoavweiss @fractorious Fully agreed. IMHO we need temporary permissions (e.g., grant for a day), we need re-prompting (like iOS background geolocation reminders), and probably also ephemeral permissions (for unused [definition tbd.] apps).

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@yoavweiss @gsnedders @fractorious It’s indeed a little more complex than that. We do a lot of UI research on how to word these prompts and how they can potentially be grouped (like mic & cam). A great recent example is Idle Detection (

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