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July 27th, 2020

@rob_dodson @simevidas Typically we’d fix this with `Lighthouse CI`, but the ` ` appears literally in search. I’ve just had this issue in a different PR:….

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davatron5000 📝 New post: Gettin’ Foldy with the Dual-screen Web (Part I). I started playing around with making my sites respond to dual-screen devices.…

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@samsunginternet @Lady_Ada_King An interesting additional idea for this could be to progressively enhance the offline experience with articles from the Content Indexing API:…, example implementation:….

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ChromiumDev Learn how the browser-nativefs 💾 support library has helped (and is still helping) @excalidraw navigate the changes during the Native File System API’s origin trial phase:

👉… by @tomayac

Project Fugu 🐡—Progressively enhancing & closing the app…e

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IanLunn A neat way of using CSS custom properties to style external SVG nodes (no more inling necessary to achieve the same).

Screenshot from Lightning-fast Web Performance by @scottjehl. Original idea by @frontstuff_io in this article:…

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@torgo On mobile, swiping up the info sheet feels incredibly web-like (in a bad sense). This should be buttery smooth, but isn’t. 😕 I haven’t looked into the “why”, just noting it.

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Reading and writing files and directories with the browser-nativefs 💾 library. As we’re working on standardizing the Native File System API in Project Fugu 🐡, I realized having an abstraction layer 🐴 ponyfill kind of library might help smooth…

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@SaraSoueidan You probably deliberately chose to not show it, but since others following you might not know: @github allows developers to show anonymized private repo contributions:…. I only found out about this by accident. 😃

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@rowan_m For navigation, maybe something for Turbolinks (…)?!
Also: weee, dark mode!

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@slightlylate @dluzar @HenrikJoreteg Maybe we could also consider rewarding origin trial participants (that have provided useful feedback) by extending their individual tokens for the final shipping OT version beyond that OT’s end until the feature ship

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@dluzar @HenrikJoreteg Maybe @slightlylate can shine more light on this decision?!

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@dluzar @HenrikJoreteg It won’t be that much of an issue, thanks to the way it’s all set up as progressive enhancement:…

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Bravo, @github, for making `main` the new `master`:…—and this transparently with the fewest developer interruptions! ✊🏿r

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@HenrikJoreteg As promised following up on this action item. The PR… adds a warning about the to-be-expected downtime after a successful origin trial. ✅

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Introspecting CSS via the CSS OM: Getting supported properties, shorthands, longhands…. Useful exploration by @LeaVerou in the context of the @HTTPArchive Almanac project.

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@rowan_m Mesmerized ⚛️. What did you say?

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@rowan_m Doesn’t work without `OffscreenCanvas`. Here’s why:

File: page.js
Line: 130
Fix: const atom = new AtomModel(this.curAtom, renderer);

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