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July 29th, 2020

@passle_ @adamdbradley @stenciljs @chriscoyier I think the point here was that if you mix different web component families that then you pay the cost of each family shipping their own support library. If you stay with one, you only pay once, for example f

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Wattenberger I’m always using percents in CSS, but often have to stop and ask: “% of what?”

hint: it’s probably not what you think.

hopefully this guide helps clear things up - there’s a fun exercise at the bottom, too:…

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@KyleDavidE @ChromiumDev True, find more details on this in the Browser compatibility section:….

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ChromiumDev 📢 Capture Keys with the Keyboard Lock API.

⌨️ Provide an immersive, full screen experience for a variety of use cases including interactive websites, games, remote desktop, and application streaming.

Learn all about the API in @tomayac’s latest post:

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Good summary of recent Web Components news by @chriscoyier:…. Reflects my feelings regarding this, at least subtle, feeling of lock-in…

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Different versions of your site can be running at the same time, by @jaffathecake:…. Are you prepared for multiple versions of your site running at once?

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ChromiumDev Ace use case for the Screen Wake Lock API: turn-by-turn games where you wait for players to make their move.

Ninja Cards ♠️❤️ by Zak Hirt uses the API for fun, and—if you win—profit… 💵

Read more about this Project Fugu 🐡

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@justboriss It’s a proposal, yes. See… for links to the @w3ctag review and @webkit’s as well as @mozilla’s position.

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@GregBernhardt4 @ChromiumDev @firefox @googlechrome @MicrosoftEdge The extension is for creating Text Fragment URLs. On Firefox, it also polyfills the feature per se (the highlighting and the scrolling into view). Ideally, we’d have direct support in all…

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📢 Work on a Text Fragments URL polyfill has officially started over on….

🚧 Open… in Safari for a very early demo.

📚 For more details on Text Fragments URLs, see my article

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felixrieseberg I put an entire 1991 Macintosh Quadra with Mac OS 8.1 into an Electron app, together with a bunch of apps and games. It runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux… and JavaScript. Again: I’m sorry.

Go grab it here:…

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@yoavweiss The PWA only, you can still navigate to it via the browser. If you really wanted to block all access, you also could.

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I just realized that Family Link ( shows PWAs alongside just like any other app. In related news, my daughter found out how to install PWAs, since we don’t allow her to install the “real” TikTok (and have now blocked the PWA).

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