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July 13th, 2020

@gsnedders @yoavweiss @fractorious Personally I also think permission bundles (…) can help fight permission fatigue. None of this is easy, and getting it “right” requires iterating. I see huge potential for UAs to come up with in

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@gsnedders @yoavweiss @fractorious Fully agreed. IMHO we need temporary permissions (e.g., grant for a day), we need re-prompting (like iOS background geolocation reminders), and probably also ephemeral permissions (for unused [definition tbd.] apps).

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@yoavweiss @gsnedders @fractorious It’s indeed a little more complex than that. We do a lot of UI research on how to word these prompts and how they can potentially be grouped (like mic & cam). A great recent example is Idle Detection (……

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@KnisterPeter If in the new profile you indeed start fresh, without the potentially over the years accumulated and forgotten extension cruft, then it will help. If you have few or no extensions installed, you probably won’t notice a difference. Extensio

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@ChromeDevTools Is this feature dubbed WebKit mode? 😂…. For the record, I think it’s a positive change, here’s why:….

We (all vendors ☮️) should iterate on properly granted local fonts access:…

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@briankardell @yoavweiss The written FAQ could probably include this question and the answer that you currently only provide in the video (that I skipped initially, since I’m more of a reading person).
- How did this list come to life?
- Is everything o

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igalia Igalia is pleased to announce Open Prioritization: An experiment in crowd-funding prioritization of the web commons

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@briankardell @yoavweiss Are all the things on this list agreed to land once implemented? Say the list contained “implementation of the Push API for Safari”?

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@gsnedders @othermaciej @Apple Congratulations, that’s great news for Safari and the Web. 👏

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@marcosc Thanks for all the hard work, Marcos!

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@WorId_Languages With less extensions installed they can. Edge have made some (I think not-upstreamed) changes to memory management, too:….

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@HenrikJoreteg I reckon this isn’t a universal solution to avoid breakage, it only works when you have a 1:1 trust connection w/ the customer (I think you do).
We should make our docs clearer and set full expectations—and see if breakage can be avoide

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@HenrikJoreteg As others have said, a short period of breakage is to be expected, but I agree this seems unnecessary when the API shape ultimately remains stable. For _your_ concrete situation, you can always ask your clients to flip the #​enable-exper

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