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July 7th, 2020

RickByers This is a controversial and sometimes emotionally charged topic in browser engine land.

Kudos to @briankardell and @igalia for providing a forum conducive to respectfully diving into some of the nuance.…

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anssik I’m stoked to announce the speaker lineup for the upcoming virtual @w3c workshop on Web & ML:… On behalf of the program committee, and in a co-chair capacity, I’d like to thank the speakers for their exciting submissions!…

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The Google Rich Results Test Tool is out of beta and effectively replaces the Testing Tool:…

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Adding prefers-contrast to Firefox:…

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@brodieseo You can do this manually, if you copy the Text Fragments one adter the other and then separate them with “&”. Example where I highlight “first part” and “second part”:



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@eiszfuchs For what it’s worth, “no-preference” was removed from the specification:….

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mnot I got curious about how people use HTTP Cache-Control, and dug into the @HTTPArchive for some answers.…

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