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July 4th, 2020

@firt @webkit Or, to be precise, WebKit inherits coarse location sharing from the operating system. Question is, as @firt notes, what they will do with it.

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@firt Note that coarse location sharing isn’t a new idea at all (but, to be fair, now for the first time implemented by the @webkit team). See Figure 3 of my paper: Wonder how they deal with the issues mentioned in the paper. Ge

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In-depth thread by @firt on precise or coarse location sharing 📍 in iOS 14 and what of this (if anything, no spoilers) is Web-exposed (in Safari, WKWebView, and home screen apps). Love the constructive call-to-action at the end:…

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@firefox @webkit 🦊 @firefox users can now give the extension a try:…. It’s still marked as Beta and I added the experimental flag on the @mozilla Add-on Store since the Text Fragment polyfill (for navigation) is still in develo

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@LeonieWatson @IRCCloud I don’t think that’s currently possible according to…; it’s also not mentioned in one of the Explainers (…). But, drum roll 🥁, we have a Project Fugu 🐡 bug open for this…

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@slightlylate @dfabu @gregwhitworth My understanding of their mission statement is that custom elements, too, should agree on a common (exposed!) structure and behavior, so the underlying implementation can be swapped, and the code touching those elements

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