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January 4th, 2021

ricmac 2021 predictions for 👀, from a variety of webdev VIPs (@dabit3, @rauchg, @noel, @ohadpr, @tomayac, @webmaxru, Spencer Kimball from @CockroachDB, and more!):…

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DasSurma 📣 New year, new blog post: I fell into the rabbit hole that is monochrome image dithering. I wrote down everything I learned! 👨‍🎓

(… and wrote a small demo that dithers an image with all these different dithering algorithms.)…XK

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AlphabetWorkers We’re Alphabet workers. We’ve been organizing for over a year, & we’re finally ready to share why.

This morning, we’re announcing , the first union open to *all* workers at any Alphabet company.

Every worker deserves a union—including tech…V

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@julieletierce @apassant My deepest condolences, Julie. You both have been so strong, and I hoped you could win this. All the blogging you both have done was such an inspiration to draw hope from and put one’s own worries into relation. Wishing you powe

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@gendor This should work on Android if you sign up via…. If it doesn’t, please comment on the bug from your original tweet.

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@CharlieCroom⁩ Hi there! Small Twitter PWA bug report on iOS: the moment one enters a DM conversation, the iPhone safe area isn’t respected anymore. Thanks for looking into it with the team! And belated happy new year of course!

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WebDevsIn Introducing you all to the wonderful panel of @rithekar @sunitj , @tomayac and @vikassalyan 🙌

Without missing a beat, join these amazing panellists on 🗓️Jan 9, 2021 at 🥳


@ndtv @MyNykaa @Globant

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MIDIBlocks Handsfree.js now emits 24+ “Pinch Events” ✨👌

Like mouse events, you can now listen for a “start”, “held”, and “release” event for each finger (index, middle, ring, pinky). You also get the original pixel you pinched at + tons of new styles!


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@jaffathecake Wait, this is such a cliché German thing to say. May I ask, you actually secretly do like sparkling water, don’t you? I personally can’t stand most small talk (especially when it comes from strangers in the context you describe); and I

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Options for styling web components, by Nolan Lawson. Personally I would go with `::part()` whenever browser support allows it (and it’s way greener than you might think).…

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