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January 5th, 2021

@JoubranJad The world is waiting for CSS module scripts, proposed by @justinfagnani:…:

`import styles from ‘./styles.css’;`

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Interesting breakdown of browser use in the Dutch market (for an undisclosed site, but the analysis is exciting nevertheless). Be sure to read the whole thread. Some great insights on the commonalities and differences between Android and iOS.…

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addyosmani Tip: In @ChromeDevTools you can copy all authored CSS for an element for instant reuse. Right-click element -> Copy -> Copy styles

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@jordaust @justinfagnani @slightlylate Caveat: I haven’t actually tried it, just read the documentation. If you play with this, please let us know how it goes. Thanks in advance!

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@jordaust @justinfagnani @slightlylate According to the docs: yes. See… and search for “WebHID” for example. It’s behind `enableBlinkFeatures` in….

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@justinfagnani @slightlylate To use them, developers need to be on an Electron version based on the desired Chromium build and set the `experimentalFeatures` flag in the `webPreferences` object:….

`mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({

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estark37 new year, new blog post. this one is the story of a project that was great because it united everybody in their dislike of some legacy code:…

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