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January 22nd, 2021

@DotProto Yeah, I saw that when scrolling up, but it was too late, the tweet was sent. Anyway, we agree on the topic, which is nice. ✌️

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@myfonj @bramus It’s essentially density-independent pixels, which you might know from Android:….

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@bramus It’s a little more complex. Check out… for some background. I also have a series of articles coming on the topic.

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@samthor Thanks. It’s too many around me for being either of those, though. Weird.

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@zachleat Really nice custom element () and great use case. You might want to change the styling though, since on mobile (iOS at least) it’s indistinguishable from regular text (it works perfectly fine, it’s just not discoverable).

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@DotProto Smart, but please do not put this in the extension docs. People don’t have to be destructuring experts to build extensions, and those who are will easily spot the potential for smartifying the code when reading the docs.

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@samthor Do you have any idea what these /N[A-Z0-9]{4}/ devices are? I see plenty of those when I scan around at my place.

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smashingmag 🔥 How We Improved SmashingMag Performance, a case study

How on critical CSS, JavaScript optimizations, code splitting, web font loading, third-parties, performance profiling and a fancy CSS outline property.…

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