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January 28th, 2021

People keep tripping over the question how to serialize a `FileSystemHandle` when working with the File System Access API. My StackOverflow post provides an answer:… (PR to add this to our article… coming, too

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Back in August of last year @jefbinomed invited me to an event to present about Project Fugu 🐡 ( Thanks so much for the super cute surprise that was in the mail today. <3

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webkit Release notes for Safari Technology Preview 119 are available with updates to Web Inspector, Speech Recognition, CSS, Scrolling, JavaScript, and more.…

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@hashseed Is this a financial advice that I can hold you accountable for? I’m all in now.

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ericwbailey I wrote about how you can use your mouse without using your hands, featuring a video where I put my gigantic eyebrows to good use.…

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@shadeed9 The famous grid blowout. I was bitten by this, too, when I redesigned my blog (…). Thanks for sharing this article!

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When to use HTTPS for local development and how (…), all explained by ⁦@maudnals⁩. 🔒…

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@andrey_l1nd3n 🎈 Congratulations, we need more professional bridge builders! 🌉

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w3c The @w3c and the @ietf are pleased to announce that Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) is now an official standard, bringing audio and video communications anywhere on the Web.…

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Long awaited and finally coming: The File System Access API will soon support a suggested file name for the file save dialog (and a suggested opening location, too). 🎉 Users of Browser-FS-Access 💾 will automatically make use of the name once it……

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