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January 31st, 2021

@defaced Not on Android, where it’s based on the Web App Manifest ( On iOS, you can just specify whatever splash screen you like (…). One workaround for Android might be to dynamically (re)set the theme col

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addyosmani New Performance Heads-Up Display is now available in @ChromeDevTools! Try it in Rendering > Core Web Vitals in Chrome Canary.

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cramforce 🎉 New blog post: More than you ever wanted to know about font loading on the web
👷🏽‍♀️ practical advice 😊
🛠a new tool based @notwaldorf’s font matching idea & @bram_stein’s FontFaceObserver
🕸and a web standard proposal to make things simple…

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Several people have pointed at the wavy-dot proposal (…) to make this line of code ⤵️ nicer, but error handling (which is YOLO in the quoted tweet) is still hard:….…

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@henrylim96 @addyosmani @furqanabid @Una `aspect ratio` support’s growing (…), but far from universal. Meanwhile, you can use the fallback, as @bramus explains:…. Depending on browser distribution, you could…

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