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Hamburg, Germany

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January 19th, 2021

@hdv @Una In the Bundesland of Hamburg, Germany (not all of the federal country yet), it’s a reality already:… (try ……). We have three kids (born 2007–2012) and it’s made a real difference. With each kid,

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@slightlylate @justinfagnani I _think_ what Alex is aiming at is: lit-html can be immediately used w/o tool chain:… (which is great). When you come to LitElement and copy the example from…, as a newbie you’…

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@agektmr about the term “Stuttgart pitch” for A440:…. I grew up close to Stuttgart.

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@simevidas @GDSTeam They’re all in one repo,…, and by following the steps at… I was able to get things running. But yes, quite some tree shaking is required if you only need select components. I wonder if @snowpackjs@FredKSchott

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@rick_viscomi @ChromeUXReport @HTTPArchive Congratulations, Rick! Have the best of all times and enjoy the extended family! 🍼

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