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January 15th, 2021

Advanced Promise Patterns: Promise Memoization.…

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@kennethrohde Wow, that’s brilliant. ⌚️+🖱 This got to be the new cassette + pencil meme.

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@samthor 😱 Wait, are you building Excalidraw in a `WKWebView`? We just deprecated the Electron version:….
Or are you working on improving the Web app when running in a Safari tab on iOS?

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@aardrian @scottohara Why this is not the default is beyond me, and why browser vendors (…) reflected it even more.
From old @Apple Human Interface Guidelines: “When using the mouse is undesirable, difficult, or impossible, users…

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@zachleat @yoavweiss Since `prefers-reduced-data` is really new, you first want to be sure the browser even has an idea what it is, because, turns out, there is a gotcha:….

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@_zouhir All the best for whatever comes next!

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