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January 14th, 2021

@littledan Woohoo, congratulations and enhorabuena or enhorabona, whichever you prefer. Both count!

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@NicoloRibaudo @laurieontech I so want this. Completely wasn’t aware of dedent and simply clicked through for the funny name. It would be so useful to have this in the core language. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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@_developit I’ve been on it since the first beta. There were a lot of issues with kernel extensions that have been fixed with the final version. I’m now still on the latest betas after stable, and performance has been realllly bad. The design is nice.

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scottjehl Web video is a big performance challenge. According to @HTTPArchive, avg video weight is heavier on mobile (1897kb) than desktop (1592kb)! It’s too hard for developers to deliver appropriate video sizes.

A proposal: HTML Video Sources Should Be Responsive…

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Streams 😎

const c = (await fetch(‘’)).body
.pipeThrough(new CompressionStream(‘gzip’));
const h = await showSaveFilePicker({types: [{
description: ‘GZIP File’,
accept: {‘application/gzip’: [‘.gz’]}

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We’re in full Chrome Dev Summit Extended season. @sw12 and I have the pleasure and honor to speak at CDS Extended Indonesia 🇮🇩, organized by @gdgjkt, alongside many other exciting local speakers from the thriving community. If you’re interested,…

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alexey_rodionov Exciting news! 🥳

You can enable a new PWA install UI via chrome://flags/-pwa-install-use-bottom-sheet flag in Chrome Canary on Android.

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webcomp_dev And now is open source!

Thanks @Keithamus and the team.

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