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January 30th, 2021

Favicons used for tracking purposes:… [PDF]. Interesting attack vector.

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@diekus @GDGLaPaz Demasiado poco para ser útil, pero suficiente para ser peligroso.

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@GDGLaPaz ¡Gracias por invitarme! Aquí están mis diapositivas:…. Un placer estar en Sudamérica para esta charla. 🌎

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@HamidQasemy @slightlylate The closest we have so far is Window Controls Overlay for installed PWAs:…. Maybe open a new Issue there, describing your use case (optionally including the screenshots from the tweet).

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DasSurma Mini-hack of the day:

Removed the Google Analytics script from my blog in favor of sendBeacon()-based custom code by @philwalton (thank you!).

It’s smaller, it’s anonymous (I don’t track users anymore) and I can collect core web vital scores.…

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andreban Tried out the Web Serial API in Chrome 89 today to interact with the MicroPython REPL on a Pi Pico. The whole thing is a little more than 60 lines of JavaScript. Check out the code!/viridi… or try it at: @Raspberry_Pi @micropython…

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Una CSS aspect ratio is finally here! 😱🥳🎉

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codepo8 🚨 🛠 Experiment in @MSEdgeDev Canary @EdgeDevTools right now - adding a “+” to add new tools to the current tab control. Together with the “move tab to bottom/top” this gives us full control over the interface.

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jaffathecake 📝 Don’t use functions as callbacks unless they’re designed to be callbacks, and the same goes for option objects!

It might work fine today, but could break in the future.…

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