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January 9th, 2021

@lmatteis That’s true. Unfortunately the Library of Congress has abandoned its Twitter archive project:…. Not sure whether there’s anything official or will be.

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Wow, the developer Brendan got back already. There’s now an endpoint where you can search by tweet ID. Example:….

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xkcd Steepen the Curve

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@JorgeCasar @passle_ @mxbck When I read about it, I asked for technical details, but haven’t heard back so far. Any updates now, @devoorhoede?…

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With Trump’s Twitter account suspended, there needs to be an archive to look up his past tweets. There’s, which is used regularly by reputable sources (according to, but which doesn’t offer tweet ID…

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Looping over Arrays: `for` vs. `for-in` vs. `.forEach()` vs. `for-of`, by ⁦@rauschma⁩.…

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1996: JavaScript Annoyances and Meeting The DOM:…. 🤓

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firt Progressive Web Apps in 2021-New post! ✍️
Current status, market share, what’s new, what’s missing, new challenges, and new capabilities

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anssik Web NFC API just received its 3rd LGTM approval signaling readiness to ship by default in Chrome 🚀

It’s been my privilege to shepherd this spec from an early idea to production. Congrats team for this massive milestone and for the “sisu” attitude! 💪…

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