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January 12th, 2021

@mhartington Android icons need to be PNG. The browser or WebAPK service should, IMHO, totally take care of the conversion from SVG, though.

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jaffathecake Interesting timing attack with tainted <canvas> + CPU rendering…

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“AVIF is a new image format derived from the keyframes of AV1 video. It’s a royalty-free format, and it’s already supported in Chrome 85 on desktop.”…a.

avif.js adds support to other browsers through wasm and a service

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@chrisdavidmills For folks following this from the comfort of their couches at home:….

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@samthor @MozDevNet This would certainly be an option. I’m also thinking something something Web IDL, but am not sure to what extent (if at all) it’s being used for creating @MozDevNet article (stubs). I’m hoping for a secret link in MDN I can click

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Still stuck on this one. Maybe @chrisdavidmills has an idea!?

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Chromium University 2020 was a virtual public event that’s well worth catching up with and that was organized by @samuelgoto where Chromium engineers gave lectures about many aspects of the project.
👉 Schedule:…
👉 YouTube…

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“The @USNatArchives will receive, preserve, and provide public access to all official Trump Administration social media content, incl. deleted posts from @realDonaldTrump and @POTUS. [It will be] made available online at NARA’s newly established

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