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January 24th, 2021

@danbri @sw12 @agektmr Somewhat the same experience here. Especially “afraid” of autofill up-filling (i.e., retouching things I entered before). Down-filling (i.e., pre-filling things I haven’t touched before) is mostly fine, albeit still subtly wro

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stefanjudis Chrome 89 comes a bunch of useful @ChromeDevTools additions but I’m mostly excited about the new Puppeteer recording button! 🔴 🎉

🔗 Changelog:…

Video alt: Example showing how to record a Puppeteer script right from within Chrome DevTools.

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edent Here’s an interesting take on Footnotes in HTML from @tomayac…

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@justmarkup Thanks for the inspiration:…. I would never have considered using the `ruby` element without your tweet. 🙏

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@edent That’s interesting. Especially since Firefox is the only browser at the moment to support `ruby-align`. I wonder if by making the footnote text display block it’d look better, maybe in combination with different values of this property?

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@chriscoyier, since you had thoughts on @edent’s `<details>` footnotes (…), I’m wondering what you think of `<ruby>` footnotes. Also, any CSS trick up your sleeve regarding my identified presentational shortcomings:…

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👂 I’m very interested in the thoughts of experts of CSS (Can the rendering be improved?), accessibility (Does this work well with screen readers?), and HTML (Is this abusing `ruby`?). Also HTML elders (@draggett, what happened to `FN`?). I mention prio@edent@ppk

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Interesting: WebXR ( was added to the ⁦@webkit⁩ status tracker as officially “in development”.…

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