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January 21st, 2021

derSchepp Running WebKit on Windows…

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@kennethrohde @yoavweiss @dhh @firefox @webkit @domenic @hober I realized that there wasn’t a @webkit bug asking for import maps support (<script type=”importmap”>), so I created one:…. Thanks for your consideration!

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Now can we get PiP in PiP next? On a serious note, multiple PiP is a really cool feature! ⤵️…

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ddprrt 📝 “Low maintenance types” in TypeScript

Maintaining types is boring, let’s make sure they update themselves:


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I maintain a local reverse geocoder library (i.e., a library that translates 📍 latitude/longitude pairs to 🏠 addresses), where “maintain” nowadays mostly means merging PRs. Surprisingly they keep coming. Thanks so much to @rdil_pickle for the…

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samthor I write about observing 👀 DOM nodes via callbacks: removal/addition, resize, and being moved around the page:…

Detecting move is pretty fun and (ab)uses IntersectionObserver ➡️ check out this video & demo:…!

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_developit Element Worklet is my proposal for threaded DOM:
Custom Elements in threads for performance isolation.…

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