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January 18th, 2021

andreban Saw someone asking if it is possible to integrate in-app-reviews with Trusted Web Activity. The answer is: yes, it is! And here’s how to do it:…

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Jack_Franklin If you’re building any UI components, I cannot recommend the WAI-ARIA authoring guides enough. They are a fantastic free resource that documents how to build highly accessible components.

For example, TreeView components:…

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@wesbos @syntaxfm ☝️ This is super important! In case where you’re wondering what “base font size in their browser’s settings” (from above) is about, see the screenshot in the quoted tweet. Please never set an absolute font size unless you…

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@mathias Impressed by your German! Maybe try the webmaster contact form instead:….

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For people seeing this only now: the explainer has landed in its own folder within the WebKit Explainers repository:…. Issues are tracked through a special label:….

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@dret @lmedini There is indeed a proposal for such an API. See the quoted tweet for details and some discussion.…

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@mhartington Might be a memory issue. Works fine on my iPhone 11 Pro Max test device. </privilege>

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