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January 6th, 2021

@excalidraw @Hicksyfern The Catalan flag emoji isn’t properly supported/defined yet, but the underlying issue still is that languages aren’t countries. We have discussed this before. I have corrected the translation, though: Catalan is català.

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@Hicksyfern @excalidraw Laura (my wife who actually is Catalan) raised her eyebrows. A few of her eyebrows……9W

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petele @dalmaer @dangoor @cjamcl @andreban @justinfagnani I put the code for my StreamDeck + Google Meet extension up at…. You could easily modify it to send emoji or a handful of other things.

The super cool thing, it uses WebHID, so no special drivers/software required, and it works on ChromeOS!

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ricmac 1/ Introducing my new side project: ⏳ It’ll be an ongoing chronicle of internet history, from a development perspective rather than a business one. Subscribe now via email or RSS. Here’s a bit more about the project, including links to the first posts 👇

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@Hicksyfern @excalidraw My wife and I just finished Catalan. ✅

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